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Summer baseball registration & tryout info
Summer baseball tryouts will be held on Sunday, May 16th.  Please...
Pitch, Hit & Run this Saturday, May 15
PITCH, HIT AND RUN IS SATURDAY, MAY 15 - Register using...
CLLs adherence to Covid protocols
This letter is an attestation to Canton Little League’s...
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Summer baseball registration & tryout info

Summer baseball tryouts will be held on Sunday, May 16th.  Please go to the website and register as soon as possible if you plan on playing.  Registration closes Thursday May 13th.  

Summer tryouts will consist of typical baseball drills (hitting, throwing and fielding). The evaluations will be made by individuals who do not have a child in the applicable age bracket. Canton Little League will use evaluators who are fair, impartial and have a reasonable knowledge of baseball skills.

Players are to report to the back of the Kennedy School, at the Crawford/Sullivan fields, 15 minutes before their schedule start time. This is required to sign-in, get their group assignment and to warm-up. All players should come prepared with their own gloves, bats and bring at least one bottle of water to carry with them.

Tryout times on May 16th are as follows:

League Age  (age as of Aug 30, 2021)
9           9:00 am – 10:30 am 

10         11:00 am – 12:30 pm  

11         1:00 pm – 2:30 pm 

12         3:00 pm – 4:30 pm 

More details on 8 yr old summer teams and 13-15 yr old tryouts will be coming soon.

Summer uniform orders are due on May 18th, so if your child can’t make the tryout you still need to come down and provide sizes for their shirt, hat and pants. (This includes 8 yr old and 13-15 yr old players who are not trying out that day). Uniforms cannot be exchanged due to incorrect sizing. 

During the tryouts parents are asked to quietly stay up in the parking lot and avoid contact with your child. The evaluation process is stressful and the kids do not do any better with added pressure by their parents.

Thanks in advance.

by posted 05/11/2021
Pitch, Hit & Run this Saturday, May 15

PITCH, HIT AND RUN IS SATURDAY, MAY 15 - Register using the link below. 

Pitch, Hit & Run will be held on Saturday May 15 at the Kennedy School complex.  The event is open for softball and baseball players age 7-14.  Due to Covid-19 protocol we will be staggering the times by age groups.  Please use this link to register:  


7-8 year olds 12:00-12:30pm

9-10 year olds 12:30 - 1:00pm

11-12 year olds 1:00 - 1:30pm

13-14 year olds 1:30 - 2:00 pm

by posted 05/09/2021
CLLs adherence to Covid protocols

This letter is an attestation to Canton Little League’s compliance with Phase IV Step 1 of the Massachusetts guidance as it pertains to youth sports as issued March 22, 2021.

Canton Little League (CLL) is aware of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts most recent guidelines pertaining to Phase IV Step 1 and is prepared to comply fully with them.

The application of these measures for athletic activities for Phase IV, Step 1 is detailed below:

Activity Organizer Guidance

For indoor team and group sports, no more than 50% of the building’s maximum occupancy will be allowed at any one time. The number of coaches and staff should be limited. Larger playing areas and surfaces, such as athletic fields, tracks, facilities that have multiple courts or playing areas, may be used by more than one group at one time, provided that adequate social distance and group separation can be maintained. To ensure group separation, groups must be spaced at least 20 feet apart while sharing a single playing surface, court or field. Outdoor activities will adhere to social distancing guidelines of six feet of separation between participants with all participants required to wear masks at all times.

Defensive players maintaining 14 feet of separation will be allowed to remove their masks once established at a defensive position on the field. i.e. A defensive player must wear a mask from the dugout area until they are in position. Once a baserunner is established, infield basemen will “mask up” and remain in masks while a baserunner is on base.

CLL’s Covid Director is Patrick Murphy who can be reached at 617 438-7825 and pmurphy1167@gmail.com.

  •   Face coverings and social distancing of six feet is required of all spectators at all times. CLL will physically mark the areas with tape and paint where spectators will watch the games and players will sit/stand and will provide 6’ social distancing markers on the bleachers and grass where families would normally congregate. We will send emails to each family informing them of social distancing and facemask requirements. Spectators from the same household can watch together although friends and fellow parents will be required to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

  •   We will post the COVID symptoms on the front page of our website – the landing page – with the title of “Do not come to the field for any reason whatsoever if you have any of these symptoms.”

  •   Dugouts, benches & bleachers will be thoroughly cleaned before and after every use with six feet of distance maintained. We are providing DPH approved disinfecting towels at each field for wiping and disinfecting of equipment and dugouts before and after each game. This includes the equipment used to rake and maintain the fields.

  •   Games schedules will allow for a minimum of 15 minutes of “downtime” between games.

  •   Town restrooms and rented porta potties will be cleaned and logged on a regular basis.

  •   We will not be shaking hands after each game, possibly a tip of the cap as advised by Little League

    international. No handshakes/slaps/fist bumps.

  •   Seeds, gum and spitting are forbidden.

  •   Coaches, staff, referees, umpires and other officials are required to wear facial coverings and maintain social distancing of 6 feet from players, coaches, spectators, and other persons AT ALL TIMES. Players will be assigned spots in the dugout and along the fence outside the dugout at 6’ intervals where they will leave their equipment and return to when not playing on the field.

  •   Players are encouraged to bring chairs.

  •   All players must wear a mask while at their designated dugout spots.

  •   A team parent will be designated prior to the start of each game to help police enforcement of masks and

    social distancing of players.

  •   We will ensure that individuals are not congregating in common areas or parking lots following practices or

    events. “Arrive, play, leave.”

  •   Games tied at the end of regulation play will end and be recorded as a tie.

    Hygiene Protocols

  •   CLL will be setting up sanitizing stations at each field. We are also asking each player to bring their own sanitizer. Our sanitizing agent exceeds the FDA guideline at 70% alcohol.

  •   We will post visible signage throughout the site to remind employees and visitors of hygiene and safety protocols.

  •   Everyone will bring their own water bottles.

  •   We will ensure that any shared personal equipment is disinfected before use by each individual using a product from the list of disinfectants meeting EPA criteria for use against Covid-19. Personal equipment includes all gear that is worn by players (e.g., gloves, helmets, masks, skates, footwear, pads, etc.).

  •   We will minimize sharing of other equipment, and clean and disinfect all shared equipment at the end of a practice session using a product from the list of disinfectants meeting EPA criteria for use against the novel coronavirus.

  •   No shared food or drink will be provided during any activities.

  •   Participants and spectators will only drink from their own containers. We will provide individual, dedicated water bottles for children if they do not have their own.

  •   Participants and coaches will achieve proper hand hygiene at the beginning and end of all activities by using an approved alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

  •   Players will arrive dressed for practice and will leave immediately after games and practice.

  •   All parents are required to self-certify their children are feeling well, if their son or daughter is not feeling well or has a fever, they are required to stay home and will be reminded of this each time they visit our website.

  • If a child, coach or volunteer tests positive, we will notify all families that were in close contact (opposing team, adjacent teams and teams playing subsequent games) through our database. Quarantined players must not return to play until they have met state quarantining requirements. The aforementioned outline coupled with Little League’s guidelines will keep our league members safe while providing the best season possible.

    Attested to this 2nd day of April 2021.

    Michael C. Rota President-Canton Little League

by posted 05/05/2021
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Baseball will be here soon.  Here are some coupons for equipment courtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods.

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by posted 02/27/2021
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